Two scoops of ice cream, in the bowl, in the microwave, make it steamy, then two creamy ice cream scoops on top of that, floating in that.
Just make me a Steamy Creamy, that's all I needy needy. Pleasy pleasy?
by Crunchyeater September 16, 2017
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Farting on fresh ejaculate, in which the heat from the fart causes the ejaculate to steam
Man, that steamy creamy really stinks!

May I please have a steamy creamy?
by timmytenenbaum November 30, 2020
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The act off taking an explosive pudding poop then having the steam slowly rise up out of the bowl.
I ate way too much Taco Bell today, I'm definitely going to have to take a steamy creamy shortly
by CPD2011 April 20, 2011
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sex position involving one male and one female. The female does a handstand while the male stands over her and defecates on her stomach. As the warm poo flows down the female's chest to her face the male then busts its load all over the female's face.
"Dude that chick was a total freak, she let me do the steamy creamy flagpole."
by Big Diesel Weasel May 27, 2008
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Doo Doo. Freshly laid. So fresh that its hot, mushy, and a little steam rises off of it.
The girl's bathroom reeks! Becca must have laid some hot and creamy, fresh and steamy.
by Lil' Taste October 27, 2016
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It’s when you leave a hot shot of sperm in side the all mighty V.
Who’s down for a hot steamy creamy ?
by Big-D-1984 October 21, 2017
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when youre sick, and you poop, and its not quite solid, but more like soft serve.
"dude, i have a wicked bad case of the creamy steamies."
by emo_pinata December 9, 2008
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