A video game where you drive a taxi, trying to pick people up and take them to their destination as fast as possible.
I got a high score of $11,000 in Crazy Taxi today.
by 5'11"Racer September 15, 2006
A kick-ass game from back in the day. Crazy Taxi for:
1.) Being a kick-ass game
2.) Having great music such as The Offspring
I love the music on Crazy Taxi!
by mike-hunt69 April 18, 2011
Crazy Taxi is a classic Dreamcast game that was converted to fit other platforms like the PS2 and others. The goal of the game is to get people to their destination as quick as possible. The quicker you get them there and the fewer cars you hit on the way the more money you'll get.

There are several moves that you can do with your car to help you like the crazy dash, crazy drift, crazy stop and others which must be mastered for best use. These however are either highly dangerous or impossible for a real car considering both the damage to your transmition and the physics behind them.
12yo kid: Wow, I just got $8,000 on Arcade mode in Crazy Taxi!
Me: Kid, you've got a long ways to go ((I seriously got $43,000 before in real life))
by Sid Barrett August 23, 2007
When you get into a taxi cab and the driver is a complete nut. Word comes from the arcade game crazy taxi
Steve: Dude, i took a taxi here, the driver had a big ass top hat and kept talking about his cat like it was his wife.

Bill: that sucks! i hate crazy taxiing!
by crazy8rgood May 3, 2008