a crazy asian person, usually female
Man, my ex-girlfriend is crazian, she keyed my car.
by lalahasu October 3, 2012
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(pronounced like the delectable, dried cranberry snack)

A crazy Asian.
"Have you see Hui anywhere?"
"I think she's playing League of Legends. I heard her yelling at the computer earlier."
"God she is such a Crazian."
by Mercer Mafia January 16, 2014
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a crazy asian. especially helpful when describing bad drivers
Person 1: hey, that car cut me off!
Person 2: oh, it was just another crazian, dont worry
by darrell sacamano September 1, 2007
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Characteristics of a Crazian:
1.) Talks to self
2.) is a momma's boy
3.) romantic relationship with a microwave
4.) plays ygo with 5 crush card virus on main deck
5.) thinks his work is A+ material
6.) Puts a maniacal girl laughing at the end of a crappy flash animation
7.) messes up autorun program even though theres only 1 step to do
8.) possibility of being a serial killer and/or rapist in his 20's
by HomeboyXX September 7, 2008
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Z: "Hey dude, look at that bad driver. Must be asian."
S: "More like a crazian!"
by lbgs231 January 23, 2010
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crazy asian who twirls their pens and do happy dances when they fail (fail meaning get lower than a 100 on a test)
Tracey did a dance when she found out she got a 98 on the test because she is a crazian. Neen asked if she did good, and almost got her head bitten off by this pen twirling psycho.
by Neen, Sam, and Jo January 31, 2006
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