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n. synonymous with "poopsack" which literally translates as the fabric suspended underneath the backside of a horse or donkey leading a carriage, preventing excrement from desecrating the public streets.

Alternatively used as an expression of disbelief, disappointment (usually in the plural form), or as an adjective to describe one's behavior.

Word and use originated in Issaquah, WA in 1999.
n. : that horse is wearing a crapsack

As an expression:

Holy crapsacks! That's the coolest thing ever!

What?! The concert is cancelled?! Crapsacks!!!

My teacher was being a total crapsack today!
by Rachel Woodhouse November 29, 2006
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secretly taking someone's backpack away, only to take a shit inside it before giving it back zipped up
Timmy was rather vexed after his girlfriend crapsacked him for not putting the toilet seat down
by Deanyeager January 23, 2010
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AN item that a person takes when walking the dog down the street so when the mutt craps you can pick up the dung and dont leave it sitting in your neighbors yard for them to step in!
Man says - That guy there really pisses me off

Man2 says-Why

Man-Well he never carry a Crap Sack and his dog shits in my yard every day ,

Man2-I would Kick his Ass

Man1-Next time I will
by troubledemon March 08, 2010
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one who is an idiot, douche bag, or deprived of awesomeness.
Professor Drizzle is a crapsack or a saco del crap if you happen to be in a Spanish speaking country.
by Renee March 01, 2004
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something you say when you messed up

a word stollen from chris which people use and are violating his copyright.
by chrus March 26, 2004
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