The icy, flavourless crap found at the bottom of a frappuccino. You know there are still pockets of wonderful-tasting coffee trapped in there, but when you search through it with the straw, all you ever come up with is a mouthful of ice.
Man, I paid for a grande frapp, but it turns out that over half of this drink is just crappuccino.
by Arykj July 11, 2008
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The abrupt bowel movement that occurs after consuming coffee or coffee like beverages.
My morning latte was good, but now I have to take a massive crappuccino.
by redsparkle1 May 13, 2011
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A foamy hot coffee drink made with pre-packaged crystals, much like instant coffee, designed to be a quick substitute for the real thing but is laden with sugar and mass produced; however, it remains inexplicably overpriced.
Silverfox - "You're not going to drink that crappuccino with your breakfast this morning, are you?"
Silverbird - "I like crappuccinos occasionally. One every week or so hardly constitutes overconsumption of calories for my diet plan."
by Silverfoxo June 22, 2017
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when you take a shit in your friends cappuccino when they go to the bathroom.
*guys walk into the cafe and get cappuccinos*
1st guy: "Hey I gotta go take a piss. Watch my cappuchino would ya?"
2nd guy: "Sure."
*1st guy goes into the bathroom*
*2nd guy takes a shit in the other guys cappuccino.*
2nd guy: "Man he will be so mad about me making him a crappuccino!"
by Mityxm February 28, 2011
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A play-on words on cappuccino, a type of caffeine drink. Specifically talking about the ones they serve at McDonalds, because you pay $2.50+ for one and it tastes like sugary, foamy, water.
Cashier: Here's your cappuccino. That will be $3.10.

(Customer takes sip of drink, disgusted by taste)

Customer: Guh! $3.10 for a crappuccino?!
by ROFLcopturds February 26, 2010
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The need to do number twos as soon as possible after a strong cappuccino; a similar affect known as a Crappalatte afflicts many people after a strong cafe latte.
What - you now have to go and do a crappuccino? You only just finished a crappalatte!
by Astroboy1 December 21, 2010
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The deliberate act of 2 gay lovers purposely eating exlax chocolate to get diarrhea, and then excreting hot foamy runny shit into fancy porcelain cups then consuming each others own hot personal recipe.
Harold: Hey Freddie baby I'm in the mood
for a hot tasty treat!

Freddie: And what are you craving this time my little Perez Hilton.

Harold: Oh.. You big silly! Break out the exlax, I want another steaming hot cup of your special Cleveland Crappuccino.
by streetwhiz May 15, 2009
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