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A new way for male sexual enjoyment - just get someone (or you) to clap once (really powerful clap) on your penis.

Also known as a clap job.
Guy: I'm not in the mood for a blowjob.
Girl: Handjob?
Guy: Nah.

Girl: Then what do you want?
Guy: Encore job.
Girl: Wha-?
Guy: Just clap on my penis and cover your ears with your arms.
by ROFLcopturds March 01, 2010

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A play-on words on cappuccino, a type of caffeine drink. Specifically talking about the ones they serve at McDonalds, because you pay $2.50+ for one and it tastes like sugary, foamy, water.
Cashier: Here's your cappuccino. That will be $3.10.

(Customer takes sip of drink, disgusted by taste)

Customer: Guh! $3.10 for a crappuccino?!
by ROFLcopturds February 26, 2010

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Origin: The words Tetris (a classic famous puzzle game) and ass (the insult to somebody who is obnoxious) combined together.

1) Someone who shows no "sportsmanship" in a video game, especially when online. Specifically, those who won and is being really obnoxious. Used mainly because if the game system won't let you use the word "ass" in the game.

How to pronounce it? Say "Tet", extremely short pause, then "rass".
(A PvP battle in a MMORPG)

(Player 1 defeats P2)

P1: Hah! You're such a noob! I pwned you right there! HAHAHAHA!!!

P2: Phht.. You are such a Tetrass.
by ROFLcopturds February 26, 2010

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