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A crazy person. (Cra)zy (per)son.
Johnny kept acting like a craper; the watermellon rhine off Jimmy's ear was the final straw. Jimmy administered an ass beating.
by Kurt 8 Keiner January 29, 2009
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(crayper) Creep + Raper; a person (usually male) who tries way too hard with chicks, who are usually younger, and displays rapist qualities. He is not a proven rapist but frequently displays inappropriate behavior towards women such as grabbing or fondling when they are too fucked up.
That kid Brent is a craper. He went into the shower with those two girls who didn't even know him.
by Baby DEEck September 02, 2010
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an, sellout main sream hip pop artist who converts white suburban kid into wiggers
lil' john, 50 cent, eminem, vanilla ice,
"lets bounce our honda civics with plastic stuff attached to it, to some jay-z Biach"
by shade November 27, 2004
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