Someone from a rural area trying to look and act as if they are a gangster from the hard streets of the big city. Country + Gangster = Cranksta
Jethro is such a cranksta with that fake limp he walks around with and those 24 inch wheels on his Deawoo. You know he grow up working on his dad's farm in Alabama and has never even seen a real gangster besides the ones he saw in the movie Boyz n the Hood, right?
by Original Cranksta April 23, 2010
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Pronouced: CRANK-stuh
A cranky gangster or an old gangster.
"My Grandpa is one cranksta."
by Jonathan I. August 17, 2006
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A veteran methphetamine (Crank) cook or dealer. An Original Cranksta Gangsta (OCG) is on who has been in the "game" since Anhydrous and Phosphorus type of "Nazi" meth was the big thing before Shake N Bake or Ice got big.
That Cranksta Red Devil has been in the game for over 15 years, and is a real Old School Original!
by RedDevilLye November 21, 2018
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