1. a highly explosive chemical that combusts upon contact with oxygen and is derived from the boiling-out of water from a substance known as urine, or, in simple terms, a flammable powder that comes from boiled piss.
Some say that phosphorus was discovered by a genius. My personal opinion is that it was discovered by a drunken fool who wanted to make coffee but had had his water line disconnected because he forgot to pay the bill.
by Seph Infinitum February 16, 2009
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Its a joke in class because a girl asked what is phosphorus
Alien: What is Phosphorus
TR: Its found in burgers
Alien: MXM MXM
by unkownnigga10 February 16, 2022
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A drug found in bean that you sniff
You should add a bit of phosphorus
by Neutralice April 7, 2022
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Nerdspeak for Pabst Blue Ribbon. The chemical symbol for Phosphorus Bromide is PBr. PBR is the acronym for Pabst Blue Ribbon.
If you don't tell me what kind of beer you want me to bring to the party, I'll go cheap, and you'll all be drinking Phosphorus Bromide.
by IKnowPhysics October 13, 2013
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The fart-like noise that your nose makes whenever your adenoids are swollen. The sound is a combination of a pig snort, a fart, and the sound of crackling phosphorus, hence the name "phosphorus fart".
I just got over this cold but I was still phosphorus farting.
by Lord Vapor December 4, 2006
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