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Movement of the crank out of stock specifications. All cranks have L to R movement, to some extent, but an excessive lateral crank movement has bad reprocussions, such as hitting/grinding/destroying the crank sensor. A "walking" crank necessitates an engine rebuild.

Any car can crankwalk, but Mitsubishi Eclipses, Plymouth Lasers, and Eagle Talons with a 7-bolt motor are notorious for this problem. No recall was ever released as the problem was said to be isolated to a bad batch of cranks, which represented a fraction of the produced cars. Various theories of why crankwalk occurs and what years are most suseptible exist, but none are proven. General consenus is poor oil flow is one cause, and later model years seem to suffer less.

Contrary to popular opinion, any car can crankwalk; Manual, auto, import, domestic, turbo, manual, racecar, beater. All have walked, and all have a chance of walking.
My dsm crankwalked on me, but thankfully my dsm has broken down often enough to make me a real mechanic.
by Awdhooptie April 10, 2005
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Something that DSM drivers get when they become too cocky and decide to race a actuall import, like a honda or VW. It is a out of spec moving of the crankshaft (perticaully in 7-bolt 4G63s)side to side and WILL destroy your engine
Yo dogg, meh clips got some crankwalk and that teg owned meh
by Sideout December 10, 2003
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The act of walking when one gets an unexpected chubby in a public place, such as at work, church, retirement home, Chuck E Cheese, or any other establishment where having a stiffy is innappropriate, to relieve a passion in the pants.
Bob: Hey Carl, how are you doing this morning?
Carl: Bob, don't talk to me while you have morning weiner... nobody appreciates the crank walk.
by taintmonster December 29, 2011
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The bipedal motion of Methamphetamine users characterized by twitching and fidgeting as if the person is trying to brush imaginary bugs off of his/her skin.
You can tell homey is smoking meth by his crank walk.
by CSI Sharkticon July 13, 2009
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