It means to bring anything to a next higher level.
Don't always play it in easy mode. Let's crank it up a notch!
by Montage0921 June 8, 2021
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A Notre Dame student body cheer that is mostly reserved for football games and pep rallies. The cheer was a highly unnecessary addition to the ND cheer repertoire in the 2008 football season. It was first introduced to the student body at the first pep rally, before the San Diego State season opening game.
"Jimmy Clausen, you suck. Go get a haircut. Where the hell is Brady? What the hell are the freshman cheering? Crank me up? What is that?!"
"New cheer, it was introduced at the pep rally."
"Pep rally? People still go to those?"
"You're an upperclassman, aren't you?"
by stego? September 18, 2008
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crank it up all the way. If you play sports and you hear this before a game, this could be used to pump up your team, See "Crank-it-up time" for more.



by mista crank-it-up October 7, 2009
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the moment when nothing else is appropriate in comparison to getting hella amped-up. some folks who play football know that every minute of every quarter of every game is crank-it-up time -- the time in which it's always appropriate to be electric... just try not to get pissed off along the way and you'll be fine.

Not to be confused with "cool-it-out time", which is when an amped-up mf'er simply needs to calm their ass down.
by mista crank-it-up October 7, 2009
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to describe that one would like the music turned up
crank that shit up, are you a dj or a ho?
by jaffaw July 21, 2009
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