A shitty screamo "black metal" band that so many faggots like. As it has been said before, I shall say it again. If you like "cradle" you probably like the other gay shit like slipknot and mudvayne.

I am ashamed to even listen to the same genre of music because this shit is a disgrace to metal. If you want some real black metal, go listen to Dimmu Borgir you little fucknuts.
Scene Kid (Faggot): Ohh my gawsh, I'm super psyched I get to go see Cradle of Filth!!

Real Metal Fan: Fuck you! *Boots him in the chest and kicks him in the face* Fucking pussy!
by Scene Kids Can Eat Dicks February 16, 2009
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The act of letting all deposits made into the toilet accumulate due to lack of money to pay utilitly bills. Can be for one day or more. Most cradle of filths last for one week before desposed of.
To save money on the utility bills, they have a cradle of filth for a week every month.
by GO__IRISH May 03, 2011
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