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Contraversial moderator at Megatokyo who promotes narrow-minded zealotry, and ethnocentricity. Has an array of personality problems e.g. Boasted on line that he had threatened his ex-girlfriend that he would beat up any guy she was dating if she did so before he thought she was ready. Often vassilates between being abusive then trying to avoid responsibility by claiming that people shouldn't care about what he says. Excessively dogmatic and extreme low tollerance when his opinions require rational support.
Well that's just crack(pr0n) for ya.
by Hazel April 23, 2005
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
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Occupation: Elitist Nerd/Moderator/Know-it-all Douchebag
Physical Description:
A piece of shit between two slices of crap.

- Inability to carry on an adult conversation with anyone, over any subject, at any point in time.
- Constant Sand-in-Vagina.
- Punctuates every statement with a concentrated burst of CrackPr0nium, a horrid combination of arrogance, close-mindedness, hypocrisy and fecal matter.
- Unprofessional moderation that makes the mods at GameFAQ's look like the moderators at anywhere but GameFAQs.
- Followed by a loyal (but very small) group of assholes who constantly defend the horrid orgy of piss and stank that is CP's personality

SN analysis:
- Usage of word "Crack"
Borderline retarded, if this were 1996 when "crack" was still fresh. Now it's beyond gay.
- Usage of word "porn"
Cool, if you ask a 12 year old. To everyone else, it's beyond "crack".
- Usage of internets misspelling "pron"
So stupid, that the first two instances are actually elevated to a level that one may view safely without a eBullshit filter.
CrackPr0n is to: Moderating
Monkey is to: Building a time machine out of bananas and crap.
by FlowersInMidgar January 08, 2007
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