A cracker (white person) who likes crack or cocaine a little too much and is a crackhead.
Yo honkey, you want even MORE cocaine!? You a cracko.
by PaylonTil January 19, 2007
Means many things, can be used as a noun, verb and adjective, used with words like bruv, mang and mank.
"that's pretty cracko bruv"

"you're just being a cracko"

"yeah I just did a cracko you know yeah"
by cheezmasta5000 August 19, 2018
A whacko who also acts like a crackhead.
Friend 1: “sup bro!”
Friend 2: “how’s it goin, ya whacko cracko!”
by ogwhackocracko November 19, 2019
Someone who has descended beyond sicko mode and x games mode. better than Justin at fortnite.
My guy just beat squid games with his eyes closed, he is cracko mode right now.

This man just hit a 3981793470° no scope on CoD he is cracko mode
by Hornybabe\kittyissooohot October 19, 2021
Someone who is a retard, crack, and tobacco baby.
Damn, That baby is a re-cracko baby
by Brendon15282626 June 6, 2022