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A person with horrendously lacking personal hygiene. Most crabmen, or crabbies, tend to have to long greasy hair, neckbeards, excessive amounts of fat and hubris. The best way to identify a crabman from a disgusting person is the noxious aroma surrounding said crabby, often having a radius of 3 meters or more.
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, son, look at that crabman over there! I can smell him from across the hallway!
by rofltiks December 12, 2009
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Awesome stunt, where a good looking male walks with his arms tangled around his legs he such way that he looks like a crab.
OMG! I can't believe Mike is doing the Crabman again!
by Crabman Fan October 06, 2010
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More commonly known as James or peng


a man with crabs


that guy off my name is earl
"Man I would LOVE crabman to pour whiskey in to my dry vagina!

" ew you had sex with amy, your a crabman now!"

" Hey crabman off my name is earl..."
by crustyG May 28, 2008
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