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A sex position in which the guy lies on his back and the girl lies on her back on top of him propping herself up as if she was doing the crab walk, and the guy fucks her from below while rubbing her clit. Also known as "The Australian" (cuz you fuck her from down under).
Dude, i just crab walked the tits off this bitch!
by gnel rgnoernslkv October 25, 2010
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A person who gets the vaccine and and flaunts it will high end shopping, trips, and parties
Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
by M. Wolly March 23, 2021
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After beating off, and you realise that you have no tissue in near you to wipe up your cum, this is the walk you do to get to the bathroom when you don't want to spill any cum on the floor.
Pervert: I just exploded on to myself, but I need some toilet paper to wipe up my juice. I better commence my crab walkin'.
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The awkward sideways shuffle to find a towel or other such object to wipe away any mess left by the one night stand with yourself.

The body is arched over so no residue falls to the floor. The sideways movement decreases wind resistance thus minimizing.

The name crabwalk is derived from the frantic shuffling side to side in an attempt to find a towel before the mess hits the floor, resembling a startled crab.

Can also be used after a bad night of KFC or cask wine when ones butt cheeks need to be clenched together as the subject shuffles sideways to the toilet in a hurry
"What was all that ruckus last night bro? Did you bring a sloot home?"

"Nah I was watching Glee and one thing led to another but I left my cum rag on the other side of the room, had to crabwalk over to find it"
by Rotorua's Most Wanted December 11, 2011
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A lame dance move that is a pathetic attempt to get a girl in tha club
Ay u see that chump crabwalkin that girl he deffinatly aint funna hit dat
by tony pinto December 02, 2007
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a 1337 ass glitch in the game GEARS OF WAR. its a very simple glitch that is usually done by n00bz and h4xx0rz alike! its pretty funny looking and its even more funny when ur playing a ranked match and no one on the other team can do it so you go ahead and do it just to piss them off :)

it is often done on t3H map GRIDLOCK and it can also be called the ROADIE RUN....

SW33T HAXXER - down A, really quickly...........
by XxKEVIN360xX January 02, 2008
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the area between the anus and pubic region commonly traversed by pubic lice. see also, taint.
I don't mind when you lick my balls, but stay the hell away from my crabwalk!
by DoctoRUMS March 13, 2005
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