crazy family who dosn't take no shit
the courtier family is such a cray cray family
by jank' March 14, 2016
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Someone who is all the -ists, communist racist sexist fascist and many more. Someone who is a stupid cock and sucks so much dick they makes more money then bill gates.
As in, Dude your a Courtier
by Ethan Corsello March 21, 2017
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Urban Courtier is all about enjoying the finer things in life while still maintaining an air of sophistication and class.
He's so well informed and classy he's turned into quite the urban courtier
by Xander Doom April 15, 2022
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Fictional character of vampiric nature and French origin starring in the books Ebony and Crimson. Described as 'Prince Charming' handsome; blue-eyed brunette and very pale skin. December 1465 to July 2006.
Latrieze Courtier was born Seraph le Blanc in 1465.
by Kisaya June 7, 2007
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