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One of the top school districts in Pa, not to mention the richest. Here you'll find a plethora of Mercedes and BMWs parked in the high school parking lot, and, I kid you not, some of them hottest looking kids in Pa, who live in huge houses, score ridiculously high on the SATs, take pricey vacations, don't ever have to get jobs cause their parents pay for everything, and who go on to be the richest and most successful people among their competition. We're naturally smart and undeniably well dressed. If you meet an even slightly stuck up person, you can pretty much better they're from Council Rock. We're sexy, rich, conceited snobs and we're fucking proud of it. We are CR.
by EGS March 31, 2005
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OK hard ass from north philly, you couldnt be more wrong. First of all, our school has been open for only four years, thats the number after three in case your stupid ass cant count, and we have won close to 20 league titles between our sports teams, and 5, count them, 5 state championships. Now let me do a little bit of math for your stupid north philly ass, thats about 5 league titles a year, and AT LEAST one state champ a year. Come down here to Council Rock, and who knows you may beat our asses up, after we fuck you up in a sporting event.
Dumbass just jealous of his shitty ass sports teams... WE ARE FUCKING C-R

dont hate council rock just because you can't beat us

by NH CR South Senior class '06 December 07, 2005
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A goofy-ass school filled with snobs and dick heads that have their Daddies pay for all their expenses now and throughout the future. They think they are superior because they happen to live in that district boundry. Basically full of a bunch of egomaniacs.
Todd: "What school does Tom go to?"
Rick: "He goes to Council Rock."
Todd: "That school is for Cunts."
by Ron G. Biv July 10, 2008
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council rock is for fucking dorks. council rock kids are ugly, stupid nerds who cant play sports becuase theyre scared to get dity you pussies ill beat you all the fuck up. couoncil rock is for shit heads
if your from council rock come down to north philly and watch what goes down ill beat you the fuck up
by ganksta jim May 03, 2005
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im going to quote a friend of mines on this one, when we were talking about council rock in a school in philly
"Everyone at Council Rocck is a bunch of nerds"

that statement couldn't be more true

the asshole from council rock dont know shit either

look at me i drive a bmw, or a mercedes
stfu nerd""""""'

uh oh you live in a big house, i rather live in a fucking garbage can than live in a huge house, whats the point of living in a big house, my music and my skateboard(birdhouse) is my only house.
nerds nerds

who wants to live in the suburb's anyway

are you fucking stupid

Philly is 343434 more times better

we have x games skatepark,
love park(rip) club hp(rip)

the electric factory, the troc,

and the tweeter center is considered in phily, so if you live in council rock you live further away you nerd ill p0ut more later
your all nerds, my band is going to blow council rock away when we play a show there, to mess the place up
by SFB my band April 28, 2005
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