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when you gradually, but not noticeably stick your finger in a womans ass,while her panties are still on.NOTICE:By gradually and not noticeably,that means, unexpectedly.
When tired of dry humping,gradually but not noticeably,use theCOTTON SWABto awaken the moment.
by Glimpze June 17, 2008
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To take ones dick, rub it with spearm, then cover it with cotton. Then the male fucks someone and eats the cotton. To kinky people this is a turn on.
Man:"I want you bad!"
Female/Male:"But i'm not turned on though."
Man: "How 'bout a Cottonswab?"
Female/Male:"Oh shit! Let's d it right here in public!"
by Taylor2_2 December 02, 2006
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a word used to acknowledge when you or someone else knowinly say a sexual slur or pun
dude you think she will come out and play with us........ cotton swab
by TAF119 March 15, 2009
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