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Another name for the welsh
Rather than calling a welsh person a sheep shagger, you can say they have cotton crotch
Dylan, have you been focking mi sheep again?
no daa
don't lie to me you filthy cotton crotch bastard
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by bob mc'bob November 17, 2016
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A dry snatch.

Some chick that gets so stoned that her cotton-mouth extends to her cunt. This is observed during an attempt at sex that wasn't meant to be.
I was so horny after we smoked , but my cotton crotch was a real cock blocker!
by ThatGurl07 December 26, 2010
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The dry-mouth sensation that spreads through the vagina (oochie) because of over absorption of the tampon.
"Dammmn Meredith, Have you ever had cotton crotch"
"No...what the heck is that TRISHA?!"
"You know, when your crotch is all dried out when you have your period"
"Wow, must be an itchy week."
by Trisha DUDETTE March 06, 2006
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