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In an online FPS game, to stand over the warm corpse of your opponent and repeately squat up and down in a display of dominance. This activity is usually accompanied by screaming something such as "You are owned, biach! How do you like that shit, fucker! Huh! Huh!" Ideally, this childish display of bravado ends abruptly with a sniper shot to the humpers head.
"Mom, you're messin' me up! Now CaptainUnderpants is corpse humping me! Get me some fuckin' chocolate milk!"
by "Mom, you're messin' me up!" October 24, 2005
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When, in a first person shooter such as Halo, you go to someone's corpse and repeatedly crouch on them. It is usually done when the victim of the corpsehump has just been killed. On the victim's screen the camera zooms out a little bit to show his corpse. At that point, he can see all the people corpsehumping him. Corpsehumping can be given more flavor by shooting the corpse or melee attacking the corpse. Sometimes corpsehumpers forget to pay attention to their motion sensor and are killed from behind.
*in a game of Halo*
*Bob killed Bill*
*Bob proceeds to corpsehump Bill*
*Bob is killed from behind by Jack*
Jack: Wow, that was too easy.
*Jack runs past Bob's corpse and continues to play*
by Night Shade25 February 12, 2007
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