A nickname given by farmers, to any of the many self-powered products (E.G., trucks, tractors, tractor/farming implements & attachments, , refrigerators created by International Harvester Company or better known as IHC or IH, having a logo where a red i sits inside/over a black H (Resembling -i-), which is said to be depicting a man sitting on a tractor where the H is the tractor, the i is the man and the dot on the i is the man's hat/head.

The origin of this nickname spawns from the ingenuity of the International Harvester Company's owner Cyrus H. McCormick (inventor of the reaper). It was well-known in farming, that if something was helped to lessen the work on humans, animals & machinery, while getting the job done quickly and correctly, International built it. The love for something being built right, dependable and most importantly durable, was carried on to the truck industry and later to heavy machinery and big trucks today.

In the below Example, the date is 12/26/2012 and an International Scout wasn't the only thing to survive Winter Solstice... The place, a local gas station which also didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that the Mayan Calender had to be flipped back to page one (no idea what everyone is worked up about).
Man1 (filling up his new 2013 Ford Mustang) "So how long have you had that cornbinder?"
Man2 (filling up his 1973.5 International Scout II w/military Vietnam era `65-`68 304cid SV8.) "We're coming on our 18th year anniversary"

Man1 "What did you name it?"
Man2 "StoneThrower"

Man1 "How much do you have invested in her?"
Man2 "Roughly $5k, paid $1,200 for it w/about $6k in parts installed a $600 Skyjacker suspension and $640 in Ron Francis' Wiring, the rest was necessities as well, oil changes, brakes, usual bearings, etc.

Man1 "I remember tooling around in one of those when I was about 6 years old. Belonged to my Father. He gave it to me and well, I had to get rid of it cause it was so hard to find parts. I bet it's impossible to find parts now.
Man2 "Nope, International/Navistar still has a Light Line Parts division and pretty much everything is obtainable through them or by visiting binderplanet.com to see who the licensed Light Line Parts dealers are.

Man1 "Wow, I wish I never got rid of my cornbinder, sure did have a lot of fun in that old truck... it would go anywhere*. How many miles are on it"
Man2 "You can still find them around, for sale. It'll still go anywhere. and I take it everywhere*. I just put it back on the road after sleeving the 304 w/3-7/8" sleeves for standard pistons. Had $650,565 miles on it before anything was done to the bottom end. She'll have 750k on her before our 18th anniversary."
by strEt-Ys February 1, 2010
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CornBinder; One who attends church regularly and binds up the evil power of the Corndog and Pabst Blue Ribbon that these delicious treats has over said religious Zealot
Grandama Schwilly is such an unsophisticated Rural person she uses the power of Jesus to bind up the powers of such Corny ideas as she gets hungry for Corndogs and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and needs Gods help to keep from getting so fat from those treats she has so many Corny ideas they call her a Cornbinder who uses the Power of God to bind up the evil powers of her Corndogs and beers in church
by Kornny December 24, 2012
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