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The base model (Traveltop) to the fourth generation of the 20th century's International Harvester civilian and military utility vehicles. An "International Light Line Truck" built between the years 1972 & 1980. Scout II models came in two versions mainly, the 100" wheelbase (Traveltop, Halftop, SoftopScout & Shawnee/Hurst Scout) & the extended 118" (Traveler, Tera, over the final production years of the wholeheartedly American, historical "Light Line Truck" division of International Truck & Engine.
When they built the Scout a lot f people said the name was an anagram for Superior Climbing Over Unbelievable Terrain. Although all lines of International's Light Truck division were stout, and as true as saying "an International could rust on the moon", the Scout II was a worthy successor of prior models IHs built to climb everything in IH's path toward infamy.
by AmerIHCan May 08, 2010
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