Verb - derived from the adj. copacetic. To satisfactorily co-exist with an ex in order to not cause undo drama or pursue another in their presence and them being "ok" with it.
We were like 4 years ago, please copaset tonight so I can crush her.
by 1funday July 24, 2009
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Good; under control; five by five. Applies to things or situations exactly as "simpatico" applies to people.
I started to worry when Aloysius started down the California St. hill, but he assured me everything was copacetic.
by d@n May 16, 2003
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Chill, awesome, cool, laid back, and everything that goes with it.
Patience is like the coolest chick ever, I've never met anyone as copasetic as her.
by paintxitorange April 29, 2008
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