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when you're about to hook up with a sexy dime piece but the cops come to the party so you don't get to
I was super tanked at this rager and was about to hook up with this bangin' blondie but then I got totally cop blocked.
by AndyMac8 January 14, 2012
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The act of a police officer, arriving at an incident, parking in a manner that prevents vehicles from entering or leaving parking spots.
Example 1:

(Setting: Apartment complex in a rough part of town.)

Boyfriend: Hey honey, it's about time for our zoo date you've been eagerly anticipating for months now. We'd better get a move on it.

Girlfriend: Good thinking, sweetie.

(couple exits apartment)

Girlfriend: Oh, honey, look at all the pretty lights! The ghetto bird is up again and the police are approaching our neighbor's door behind a bunker shield. Are they carrying a shotgun?

Boyfriend: Ugh. Worse yet, they've inconsiderately parked behind my vehicle and copblocked us in! And it's probably not a good time to ask them to move their patrol cars. Guess it'll be another Netflix night.

Example 2:

Dispatcher: We have a Priority One hot call at the hospital. A buck naked, homicidal man is throwing stones at a doctor in the northeast lot.

Rookie: Copy. Going Code 3.

Oldtimer: Hey Partner, I see the guy! Stop the car!

(Rookie begins pulling into a parking spot in the northeast lot.)

Oldtimer: WTF. Where's your tactical driving skills?!

Rookie: I didn't want to inconvenience patrons who may need to leave.

Oldtimer: You've got a lot to learn, Rookie. We're Da Police. It's okay to copblock!
by Copper101 March 11, 2011
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Following someone home while they are intoxicated in order to save them from being pulled over. Usually occurs when any one of your friends drinks themselves to a drunken stupor and insists on driving after having "only a few beers".
Victor: Man I was so faded last nite, Danny if you hadn't cop blocked me last nite I would have pulled over and busted for sure.

Danny: Yeah man I cop blocked you pretty hard, you owe me one.
by Graveyard Vic March 17, 2010
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when your at a party and your about to get some booty but cops come and break up the party resulting everybody running and not getting any action.
rob: what happened with you and janet last night?

sean: i got fucking copblocked!!

rob: what?

sean: i had the condom in my pocket and we were just starting to make out and the cops came and broke up the party!!!!

rob: haha wow that sucks...i got booty though.
by miguel fernando August 22, 2008
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When you are either:
1. About to comit a crime and the police show up
2. About to get laid and the police show up
I finally got Ashley naked then I got totally Cop-blocked when they kicked in my door.
by DP Ash November 30, 2005
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When you're trying to get to work but traffic is moving 10mph below the speed limit because nobody wants to pass the cop that's doing 10 under the speed limit. When people first hear it they think you say 'cock block.'
Sorry I'm late to work, I got cop blocked.
by Late for work with a latte April 16, 2009
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