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Adj. Any action or deed reminiscent of 'coon' behavior, behavior deemed embarassing to the educated, and more productive black people in society. Coontastic behavior tends to reinforce negative, untrue, and disparaging stereotypes about black people, particularly ones that portray them as lazy, shiftless, bummy, and uneducated. Usually used to express an action that is overwhelmingly coon like.
1. One throws a piece of garbage on the sidewalk when the garbage can is only a few paces away, with the excuse being, "I was too lazy." "Wow thats coontastic."

2. "Hey man what are you doing standing out here when you have to go to work?"
"Nothing, just standing here...I don't really feel like working..."
"Come on man don't be coontastic, go to work."
by Eric Talbot January 21, 2008
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1. A person, place, or action that from a distance don't look urban related, or at the most seem slightly urban affiliated but close up are more ghetto than a malt liquor store. Not to be confused with wiggers, posers, or any other word for people who are obviously not from a lower class upbringing. i.e. The caucasian you know who says nigga freely with no consequence or hesitation because he comes from a black family or has his stripes and straight up doesn't give a fuck like most hood niggas.

2. Also used in a dergatory sense to people who used to be at least somewhat ghetto but have come up in the world. Yet they still try their hardest to maintain they are still "Hood" for absolutley no reason at all.
1. Bobby: "Whats good my niggs...I'm about to cop a dutch and steal the cable from dude down my nigga?"
Tyreke: "Yeah i got you man....damn Bobby...if we didn't grow up in the same hood id swear you were black or something over the phone..your so coontastic."

Bobby: "Real talk nigga...I'm black by popular smell me? I just doos what i does. Some people think i'm puerto rican or something"

2. Leroy: "Nigga i'm G'd Up from the Feet Up. I'm straight hood all day everyday."
Riley: "We've lived in the hills for over 8 years and we went to catholic school. You speak better than the teachers in our old neighborhood. Stop being Coontastic. Your not impressing anyone."
by Kamau A. November 01, 2007
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Something great in a non-caucasian way. (Corruption of fantastic).
"The Asian Dub Foundation are Coontastic" - MC BNP.
by Ian Chode May 23, 2003
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