One of the greatest debaters I've ever seen. Like Maddox, he'll rip your arguments apart and/or turn them against you. Unlike Maddox, he doesn't swear excessively.
I got into an argument with CoolHand last night. My ass still hurts from how hard he was kicking it.
by Black Angel May 1, 2004
evil genius bent on ruling the world. Started his evil plot by practicing taking over the Lions board. Uses the devious trick of seemly being a "cool" poster that likes to joke around. Actually uses his legions of "pet buttmonkey's" to do his bidding and bring other posters into line that might stray from his evil plan. Not to be underestimated!
MrCarl, I, CoolHand, the evil genius future ruler of the world, command you, my loyal right hand buttmonkey, to lay the smack down on that LionsFanatic guy for questioning me! Here's your bananna.
by arlander December 14, 2004