Somebody who is down with getting high. (Usually from smoking Pot)
Dazed and Confused (1993)
Slater: You cool man?
Mitch: Like how?
Slater: OK.
Pink: He was asking if you get high.
Mitch: Yea like smoke pot?
Pink: Yea.
by candice D May 11, 2005
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A word that started out to mean "hip," "excellent," etc., or other indefinable qualities, but has become vastly overused blanket exclamation of approval.
by Evan Dahill March 03, 2015
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Socially appealing; used to describe any behavior, object, ability or quality contributing to one's social prowess.
Eric has been pretty cool since he learned how to break dance and play basketball.

He has a cool new Ferrari. Let's ask him for a ride!

I know she likes Star Trek, but she gets along with others and has a lot of self-confidence, so she's cool.
by RedRory August 08, 2008
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One who is totally awesome, better than the rest.
The Fonz. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
by Penis November 26, 2004
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When describing a person it is one who smokes ganja and spins phat jungle sets, a laid back easy goin' motherfucker who just don't give a fuck. When describing a place it is a area in which drugs can be ingested.
When describing a thing someone points out the meaning changes with inflection of the voice, if it is said in a low barely audible tone, it is an acknowledgment to the other person hoping they'll stop trying to impress you with meaningless shit and pack a bowl already; if it is said in a high excited tone it means what they are pointing out is actually worthy of ones attention.
That set was fucking sick. Tom is cool.
by Johnson ODahnger December 11, 2004
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