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A form of gonorrhea which can only be caught off a certain chemistry teacher from Bournemouth School.
Oh no! I have conorrhea
by Jerard_Con_Carne December 05, 2005
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This usually occurs when a man wants revenge on his hoe. While the woman is in a deep slumber, he will inject a gooey substance such as jelly into her clapper. Then the next time she takes a piss, a gooey discharge will be expelled, and the woman will think she has gonorrhea.
Mike: Stoney my dude, I think I got the Gons. My cock feels like a serial killer came in and stabbed my cock and now I’m pissing blood.

Stoney: Bro I think you have a problem. Side note: I tricked this hoe into thinking she had gonorrhea. I call it Conorrhea. I just shot a nice gelatinous substance up into her cooch while she was sleeping and the next day she screamed when she went to tinkle. That’s what she gets for smashin’ “Hungry dog” Jason.

Mike: Stoney, you never fail to amaze me. I might try that on that skank I met behind the 7-Eleven. Gotta get revenge for the Genital Slurpees she gave me a while back (See Genital Slurpees).
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by Stoney69 February 02, 2019
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