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n. A couple (male and female) living together without the benefits of clergy. The union is legal as if a ceremony had been performed by a clergyman or a JP. It is unlawful if the couple ever pass themselves off as Mr. or Mrs. or if the female signs something with the prefix Mrs.
Tyrone and Brie Ann are good examples. They live together by common law so they can get all of the perks of the American system: free kids, free food via food stamps, health care, Pell grants for education, project housing, etc.

Tyrone is absent most of the time because he has three other women with whom he lives under similar arrangements. Tyrone's bitches are making a goodly income even if Brie Ann's quints are surrogate and somebody else got the government stipend. Brie Ann comes up missing periodically and it is not clear if there are other men in her life.
by Richard Black May 14, 2005
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Common Law Marriage is defined when you live with your significant other and you get a dog together. Common Law has nothing to do with different names, joint bank accounts, or paying for bills separately.
That nigga went out and got a dog. Damn, he's common law married now.
by Bill December 06, 2004
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