1. Promethazine+Cocaine

2. A rapper
3. A drink
I’m sippin on that comethazine
by BawskeeGang December 5, 2017
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a rich ass nigga who has fire music but won’t release any
example 1: ay you heard that new comethazine song? Sike no goofy ass that nigga aint releasing shit

Example 2: that new comethazin snippet was heat too bad it will never release.
by callmebibby August 13, 2021
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codeine+promethazine (ingredients of cough syrup that people usually add to lean)
Do you have some comethazine on you bruh?
by hentyy September 1, 2019
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Comethazine is another word for savage
Boy 1: Bro I slapped the sh*t out of that dude last night
Boy 2: On god you was acting like comethazine that time
by KokIsSmol December 23, 2020
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