Coley is the female version of Cole (or Coleman), and is Greek in origin, meaning “Victory of the People.” They are independent thinkers and contrarians, who display both reasoned thought and extraordinary beauty.
Coley would make a great lawyer or a dangerous politician. Either professional would be a victory for the people.
by Channing Stanley June 4, 2018
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To be lonely but not lonely
by ColeyCakes September 17, 2020
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The most bestest thing in the world. Coley Woleys are always sweet. When a Coley Woley tries to talk to you, you never leave him hanging. They are the most amazing, best, sweetest, loving, sexiest, hottest and greatest thing ever. Never give away a Coley Woley.
My best friend is such a Coley Woley. He is always the best.
by yum yum. June 15, 2015
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Coley's mum has definitely got it goin' on! This mum is a true "MILF" even if this definition is written by her daughter.
by coleypollockkk August 14, 2010
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A real "bean". A man who can blow even the most dankest clouds . Otherwise the coley poley is referred to as cole or coley. Until he proves himself in the act of the dab.
Yo coley poley that was a fat rip
by YoDoYouSmellCheeseOrDidYouRipA January 31, 2019
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a well-seasoned whore
Jon: Yo wassup man?
Andres: Just playing some Smash Bros.
Jon: Aw man! I'll totally own you like Coley's Mom. Throw me a stick!
by jondres January 20, 2005
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Coley robbo is a nice person and is really fit and sexy. He is also a professional boxer with a 60 pac under his shirt
Coley robbo is fit
by Sir coley robbo April 15, 2022
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