:Literally one of the best bands that ever existed
Here's some good songs from them to make you happy

Something just like this
The scientist
Viva la vida

Fix you
Higher power

You're welcome :)

Coldplay: the best band
A quote from the best band
Me: look at the stars, look how they shine for you ⭐️:)
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Girl: what about Coldplay?
Boy: Coldplay sucks!
Girl: Nobody asked
Boy: Well nobody asked you to bring a pretty shit band into this
by Lil Skelly August 31, 2020
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When you spend at least 3 hours listening to quality music with heart and passion after struggling through Coldplay's performance at the Super Bowl.
I seriously needed a Coldplay Cleanse so I've been listening to Zeppelinand Hendrix all day.
by Jlewmook February 8, 2016
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