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Talking about future events or possibilites, as if they are based in fact. No reality is required; essentially all theory not based on real historical facts.
If you hike down that steep trail you will more than likely break your neck. Thats a bunch of cold air your blowing, as nobody has ever fell on this trail and I have years of experience.
by lecharbon December 12, 2013
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An experience related to LSD where your senses do not work normally. Especially related to your sense of smell which when on LSD would cause other senations to be in a heightened state, such as feeling or a sense of euphoria.
Your on LSD 'baking' away and your girl friend puts on perfume. Immediately, your sense of smell picks it up causing your other senses to become heightened. You almosr can hear the perfume, see it and touch it. You become so in tune with the smell your whole body becomes a sensor aor a nerve. You immediately look at her andthank her for exposing you to that bottle of liquid nerve.
by lecharbon December 14, 2013
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A term used when looking for PCP, where a cigarette is dipped in it.
While driving in area looking for PCP someone comes up and asks if you want to 'get cool', you say yes and hand him a cigarette (usually menthol) and he takes it and dips it in PCP and blows it through the cigarette. You then smoke several puffs of PCP while having the cool sensation of the menthol in your lungs; thus the term get cool.
by lecharbon December 14, 2013
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