To customize style of speech to the audience or group being addressed.
She talks street to her friends at school, but when she is with her family, she is code switching and speaks proper English.
by Cody Switcher June 14, 2007
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What DeVon teaches Missy about in Season 4 Episode 5 of Big Mouth. Changing your style and way of talking when talking to specific groups of people.
by J3L3Y December 4, 2020
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Speaking in a particular way: using particular terms, references depending on who you’re addressing/ interacting with.
I speak broken english when i talk to people who might not understand certain words and code switch when i’m with my literate fam.
by Catwomynn November 6, 2018
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When your sexual identity and/or orientation changes depending on the group you're with.
"Not my normal thing but... Around the hockey team I'm code switch hitting."
by BrewsCruiser June 27, 2022
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Changing the way you speak so as to become more 'Palatable' to different audiences.
Code switching isn't something that's necessarily used in everyday language, it's more-so something that's done without thought.
Code Switching Ex. A 'Yeah girl, cuh she talmbout summ oh, da da da da daaaa, you needa be here at 11am or you gon get 'Reprimanded'..... Liiikkee? Da fuck I look like gettin a uber jus for you to be like 'Oh we-ohn neeju no more you can go home. She triflin... and das exacly why... Hollup that's my new Job callin now- *** Hello...? Yes this is she....... I'd love that actually, I'm free any day after 3PM.... Okay, Wonderful Thank you so much for calling I've been having scheduling issues with my current job, really excited.. Okay... Alright, thanks again..*
Ex B. YAAASSS GIRLYPOOPPS SLAAAAYYY It's really giving, like imagine you me the Gala...? I would be that bitch HELLO!??!- All the straight boys would be on their kneeessss...... It's kind of cunty no?- *** Yeah Dad..? Nah this is just the Tux I plan on wearing this weekend, it looks really nice right? Ha-'
by Ya-Moms-Wife May 2, 2023
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