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A ho (biotch) places a shiny watch on the male's penis as a part of foreplay. The male may play guitar to add ambience to the situation.
Stephanie cockwatched Paul.
by Paul Cropptis April 04, 2006
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To wrap one's penis around their own wrist and show it to another person, acting is if it were a real watch.
See eel skin watch
When the Donger asked what time it was for the 12th time, I showed him the cock-watch.
by KTMNealio December 11, 2003
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1. When a member of the female gender is on the prowl looking for a cock for the night. She may be inclined to contact long lost hookups, or she even may go trolling for penis at a local bar. Since men are typically easier to convince, the female on cock watch must be duly noted as she is most likely a siff dirty slut.
2. Also know as penis watch
β€œWhile on cock watch, the slut scrambled through her cell phone to find a suitable penis for the night.”

"Listen bitch, you weren't out with your friends to dance, you were on cock watch."
by HeathRA September 03, 2008
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