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Term assigned to a woman that refuses to share the cock with others while performing fellatio.
Heidi: "Lois, can I have some of Mickey's meat, please?"
Lois: ((garbled))
Heidi: "You're such a cockhog!!"
by roadready July 11, 2011
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1) n. Person usually woman who delights in cock and penetration, prefers more than one at once vaginally, orally and/or anally and never gets enough. The hog will happily pull a train, often moaning or squealing with glee as she does so.

Adv. Cock-Hoggedness
In my fantasy, Maria a.k.a. blinky from the Apprentice does gang-bangs all the time is an inverate cock-hog.
by DrNo December 02, 2004
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Plural noun : cockhogs
A type of woman Indigenous to the central highlands of Maine and known for their insatiable appetite for any and all penises. Some have even had their ear canals surgically altered giving them the ability to accept more penises into their body. Common occupations of these women include but are not limited to; pet groomer, bar tender, paving flagger and of course, hair dresser. Cockhogs are so popular that they’re celebrated annually on or around Thanksgiving Day.
“I am not leaving the woods early, drive all the motherfucking way into Dover just to sit down and eat Thanksgiving suppah across from that fucking Cockhog “ exclaimed Dave Prebble.
by Bigbrothathunda!!! November 22, 2018
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Hogging of the male genatalia area. Usually a woman who is most whorish of the whores. Or an insult to a guy, calling him massively gay.
Arthur: Bob, Did you see Jake last night?
Bob: Yeah, he was gettin mad penis, he's such a cock hog.
J-Roc: Damn straight.
by J-Roc fo shizzle September 15, 2007
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