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a spanish word from central america i know it as nicaraguan term meaning gay. nicaraguan people say it in that meaning. it can be used jokingly or seriously in a negative manner depending on the situation most of the time it is jokingly
(facebook comment)
fuckin cochones with that picture looking like you about to kiss with smiles on your face. ( brothers joking in a picture on facebook)

or wassup with those tight pants lookin like a cochon ready to do work, i know my balls couldnt breath in those pants bro shiiiiit ha ha ha
by 305786royalty November 11, 2011
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Mexican slang from Chuco town meaning a person who has sex all the damn time.
What's up girl, they callme el pinche cochon because I like to cochar many many women.
by Rub Dogg August 12, 2006
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