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White girls that only fuck black guys. Derived from a locomotive engine. She has to have black coal shoveled into her constantly to keep her hot!
"That babydoll Darla is a straight-up Coal Burner! "

by Lamayng August 20, 2006
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A white woman who only has sex with black men.
Kim Kardashian is a coal burner. So was Nicole Brown Simpson ( R.I.P ) or any other non african american woman who only has sex with black men.
by Skinny Pimp NY December 02, 2007
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A "Coalburner" is a white girl who is spoiled rotten and rebels against her wealthy or middle class parents for some imagined affront sometime in their short lives. This rebellion manifests itself in the form of fucking any sloppy pussy-ass fake gangbanger nigger they can get their nasty dick-skinners on. Also see "Mud-Duck" punishing parents by giving them 4 grandchildren from 4 sperm donors with cream-colored skin, red afros, big lips and flat noses.Also see dumb bitch riding in the passenger seat of her own car , pumping the gas and paying for it. Also see treated like shit by any white man who could have ever been an equal co-habitating partner and possible non-financial sponge, not because he's a racist but because only someone with absolutely no self respect would confine themselves to random sexual partners of a different race who's self- imposed disenfranchisement and liberal suborned laziness only furthers their own deep self-loathing and constant rape of the english language. example- see the names of coalburners offspring, stupid-ass names made up by people unable to spell real names correctly, ie. "spell it like it sounds", Shawon (shawn), laqueesha (?????).
99.9% of females in the military.
MAN1: "did you see heather's new bruises?"
MAN2: "yeah, that monkey of hers beat her up again and stole her welfare check, then apologized and fucked her mouth. He's out of prison again."
MAN1: "which monkey"
MAN2: "her baby-daddy"
MAN1: "which one?"
MAN2: "the one who stole her car and then beat her because it was low on gas"
MAN1: "she took him back?"
MAN2: "no white man will touch her, except to shit on her forehead"
MAN1: "stupid-ass coalburner serves her right!"
by proud white man w/big dick January 07, 2006
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A Caucasian female who introduces the genes of spear-chuckers into her gene pool. Usually the sloppy seconds or the faulty goods of the white man. For some reason, Velcro heads preach about how he fucked a cracka bitch, when in reality they're killing their race by having sex with another race.
Michael: So did you hear about Trisha? Her boyfriend got out of jail.
Jacob: Which one? The one who stuck up a liquor store, or group stomped an elderly old lady?
Michael: No, the one who shot another porchmonkey for "disrepektin an OG"
Jacob: Oh. Sucks. Normally, she would be an 8/10, but since she's a coalburner, I don't put my dick anywhere near that as a rule.
by IAmRonPaul November 05, 2014
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A rich blonde yuppie who only goes to clubs that play black music so she can find the perfect brother to piss her dad off with.
That girl from the O.C. is a major league coal burner.
by major_delmac February 28, 2005
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