A twitch emote used whenever somebody does something that seems racist or is racist, whether it be the streamer or someone on their stream.
Streamer: *runs into stream sniper*
Chat: cmonBruh
by SpongeBoobies January 7, 2018
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twitch emote that depicts a black guy with a 'come the fuck on' expression

used normally for general confusion
'hold up, what you sayin? cmonBruh'
by nicetrynsa September 28, 2017
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A controversial Twitch emote depicting a black man with a suspicious, angry expression. The cmonBruh emote is most often used when something racist, or something that could be interpreted as racist, happens on the stream.
*Jon and William are eating olives.*
Jon: "I don't like the black ones."
William: cmonBruh
by Dr. Andy Loco July 21, 2023
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