Act of easily being able to pick up girls somewhere
"Dude,there were so many chicks there it was like clubbin baby seals."
by dick fitznisenteit February 9, 2009
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When a middle aged man has a one night stand with a much younger female.
Hey Steve, how was your weekend? "It was great, me and my buddy went clubbin' baby seals on Friday night, then we went golfing Saturday morning."
by OpulentCorpse September 17, 2009
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A phrase to use when your significant other is being extremely annoying, a bitch, or bugging on the daily. It's great for any situation in which your significant other's actions are sub par to how you'd want to be treated. It's all about empowerment and making the user of the phrase feel strong and that they have the power to tear up some serious shit at the club.
Daquan: "Bro, my girl has been nagging me none stop lately."
Jim: "I'm sorry, man. That sucks."
Daquan: "It's cool. If she buggin', I'm clubbin'."
by Coobieboobie January 18, 2018
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When you get to a dance club and you grind on a man then spray crystal champagne on his ass. This is usually a homosexual activity.
Damn son, you see Durell clubbin' & bubbin' on Jensen? Damn booooyyy
by xxCoolcoddaxx November 26, 2013
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jacking off or pleasuring yourself while talking on voice with a girl without her knowledge or consent
he was clubbin the ettie while he was in private voice with her, she had no idea!
by Ettie Follet April 30, 2016
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