Redman: "Hand to Hand my crew will cripple yo' clique in a fight.
Take my tape's way Down South and triple the price."
by Diego September 16, 2003
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1. noun. A group of persons, typically high school-age, which is seen as hateful and very exclusive by others not in the group. In reality the members of the group are generally nice people, but the secret resentment founded in jealousy of the others causes them to view members as such.
2. adjective derivative: cliquey
1. It's the fault of all the cliques at my school, not of my antisocial disposition, that I have no friends.

2. I hate those rich, attractive, smart, funny cliquey bitches.
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the people you hang out with,your clique usually has a gang signal.
"Don't mess with my clique"
"Shut up!"
it's about to be a what...clique fight
(violence will occur) join clique at own risk.
by Rollon Youbears November 02, 2005
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a group of people who love each other and like to make other ppl feel excluded.
rachel, lisa, and stephen.

i love our clique!
by rls clique February 26, 2008
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A group of people or friends with shared interests, but is now most commonly referred to as the fanbase for Twenty Øne Pilots.
"So I'm part of The Clique."
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by Gourtiom October 04, 2018
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not neccesarly bad!!!!!! it is just a group of friends who spend alot of time together. just because you are in a clique doesnt mean you are a bitch.

Many people need to learn this.
Me and my clique are having a sleepover. I love hanging with them because they are my best friends and its fun to be with them. Tomorrow im gonna go to my other friend's house.
by dont cha luv me March 18, 2007
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