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v. to say many seemingly intelligent and thoughtful things in order to shut people up and get them off your back long enough to concoct yet another set of seemingly intelligent and thoughtful things for when they realise that what you said before really wasn't anything more than fluff.
(If asked about why you signed NAFTA and sent thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to Mexico...) "I feel your pain, but Americans are can-do people. We never give up, and we persevere and overcome obstacles and challenges... blah blah blah."

(If asked the difference between your outright dismissal and decrying of allegations of perjury, fraud, conspiracy and evidence tampering against you, your wife and several in your administration as 'baseless' and your insistance that allegations of possible other allegations of appearances of impropriety by staffers of your political opponents be investigated by the Justice Department, The FEC and a special prosecutor...) "It's not the evidence but the seriousness of the charge that we must consider. The attacks on me and those close to me were merely partisan snipes at my character, but these allegations might genuinely be serious. They need to be investigated, for the benefit of all concerned."
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