To stop being ridiculouse and to get off of someone's case and leave them alone and go back to the hole they crawled out of
Mom: "I don't like the lack of parental supervision.."

Selena "can you climb out of my ass??"
by Jdmhondacivic September 29, 2014
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a phrase usually said to someone who is ballbiting or acting "in the way"
Cas: Sher, didn't you fuck that nerd last year?
Sher: Climb out the pussy, Cas. Get over yourself
by decentusq November 17, 2009
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When asked how I was dealing with the flu, I responded that I was “climbing out”. I am improving!!
I am climbing out from a bad case of the flu !!
by Mickeyturtles February 18, 2018
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