"I got the cliffnotes." noun. Used to brush people off during a potentially long-winded story or explanation of current events.
When someone is talking or telling you a story and you don't want to hear it, say "Thanks but I have the cliffnotes," to shut them up. This works in many ways, like if someone asks if you've seen a movie, etc., you can say you have the cliffnotes (to the movie). You can experiment and enjoy pissing people off.
by mike viviano June 14, 2007
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When two guys are having gay sex but one or both of them are not really into it so they don't put much effort into it.
Gay guy #1: Did you and Sebastian get it on last night?
Gay guy #2: Yeah, but I was tuckered out so I just hit em with the cliffnotes.
by Amoebabadass March 6, 2018
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when ya boy needs to get caught up to speed but he ain't got time for that, so you hit em with the cliffnotes.
"I was running late to a meeting and I finally saw my homeboyz so I hit em with the cliffnotes of what I did over the weekend"
by dsizzle96 February 22, 2017
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