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Clexa is a beautiful love story with more chemistry than romeo and juliette. Clarke and lexa are truly in love and will be until the end of time.
Do you think clexa were meant to be?
Clexa is the epitome of soulmates, there is no until death do us apart because even in death they find each other.
by CosimaCormiere May 31, 2016
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Probably the best queer otp. Like the most cute fairytale about a girl who fell from the sky, and fell in love of the the leader of the ground. Two strong, kind and intelligent girls who just want a better world for their people. The way they take care of each other says so much about true love. Maybe the end of this story is sad and heartbreaking, but be sure this two became a legend, that will be remembered for centuries.
- OMG!! I just saw The 100 episode of last night!! I'm freaking out!
- I know right?! Is Clexa even real?! The way those two look at each other... Just kiss her already!!
by Alysanne June 05, 2016
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The most beautiful ship in all of the universe and television history, between Heda Lexa kom Trikru and Clarke Griffin kom Skaikru(also Wanheda), that sailed for a hot 40 seconds on a show called The 100... until Jflop (heterosexual, white male showrunner) destroyed his show and this ship after he lost all of his fans because a stray bullet killed off the lesbian after she's finally got to be with the girl she loves, in turn, killing all of his his ratings. Way to go Jflop.
*The 100 season 2 episode 7 - season 3 episode 7, before Lexa was killed*

Yooooooo, Clexa is endgame. Jk. Lesbians never live long in TV. Why did you get your hopes up?
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by HedaLexaKomTrikru June 17, 2016
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Used to describe the epitome of relationship goals, otherwise known as a power couple.
Clarke and Lexa Kom Skaikru are Clexa, not unlike Lois Lane and Superman.
by youretheone June 11, 2016
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Clexa is the relationship between Clarke and Lexa on The100 otp
Person 1: hey did you see the 100 last night.
Person 2: I can't believe they did that to lexa.
Person 2: and right after the amazing clexa scene too.
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by Miss_MegMasters August 10, 2016
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A beautiful couple consisting of two girls named lexa and Clark and they are the best thing that happened to the earth a forbiddin love between skykru and grounders #clexa #quitbellark
Awwww....y’all look as good as clexa
by The100islife100 January 04, 2019
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