also known as Luna, is an orator/actor based in Philippines who once portrayed Amanda in Amanda's lullaby.

Is forgetful, she often forget that she is beautiful, smart and amazing. She is worth the while, the prettiest butterfly there is.
Loves coffee, dowee and bacsilog.
cleese, look up at the stars tonight and see how they shine like you.
by Captain Salazar November 26, 2021
She's soulful & cute. She is super forgetful, she often times forget that she is beautiful, smart and adorable. A light in the dark, Luna.
by Captain Salazar November 23, 2021
Possibly one of the most funniest comedians in the world, has played part in all the great classics, Monty Python films and flying circus, fawlty towers and others, one of the reasons why Britain is Great Britain :D
by Urburu November 2, 2005
When you clearly don’t know how to spell “clearly” even when typing on your phone and somehow manage to cause the AI to just completely give up, since it realizes, because of you, the human race is utterly and clearly doomed for destruction.
Izzy: “You cleesely don’t party Pete
Izzy: “Clearly*”
Izzy: “Fuck”
by Ekalb182 June 16, 2021