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Hotel or rented accomodation which has a catalogue of disasters associated with it, especially if it includes obnoxious staff, etc.

Named after the classic 1970s comedy series starring John Cleese.
The new student accomodation opened for Leeds University students in 1993 was so bad, the students quickly dubbed it "Fawlty Towers".
by Dr Pinch December 26, 2004
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The name of a TV show broadcast on the BBC between 1975 and 1979. It is based around a small hotel, with an arse of a manager. Along with "Polly" - the maid - "Manuel" - the Spanish Waiter - "Basil" - the arse of a manager and "Sybil" - Basil's wife.

John Cleese (Basil) along with Conny Booth (Polly) wrote the series.

It only survived to make 12 episodes, within 2 seasons.
"Did you see Fawlty Towers last night?"
by Pen Rua July 28, 2009
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