Glasgow slang for extremely dirty or slovenly.
She was clatty or the house was clatty
often derogetory term for low life woman ie.. clatty bitch
by Alex August 23, 2003
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same meaning as glasgow but its only used in Co. Cavan, a rural border county in Ireland
same asclatty
by john reilly February 25, 2004
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an even better term for "swag". clatty can mean cool, awesome, etc. it is also not used by Justin Beiber, therefor it is way better than "swag".
"dang, he's got clatty."
"i know right!?"
"do you see ALL THIS?"
" got clatty."
"dude, what did you see in her anyway?"
"only her clatty.."
by merrforlife:) November 23, 2011
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Coventry are clattie.

Fabian is such a clattieboy.
by Pffft April 21, 2004
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Clatty hole a girl with a bogging hole like a empty headlock doesn't wash her clatty hole jus febreezes that and her knickers
Lassies Fanny's stinking pure clatty hole
by Banterbossin December 4, 2019
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Contracting or catching something(s) NASTY, stemming from gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc. but more generally just something nasty, germy, or something you don't want to get, touch, associate with.
"I don't fuck with that girl, I don't want none of her gonna-clitty-clatty"

*friend eating cheetos on white couch* "go wash your hands, before you get that gonna-clitty-clatty all over my shit!

"Whew, your breath smell like you've been eating some gonna-clitty-clatty"
by paigey_crazy October 28, 2017
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