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A raid that took place on Sept. 20, 2019 by half a million strangers to see them aliens because "they can't stop all of us". It lead to the Great Area 51 Massacre.
Though many were convicted and imprisoned by the CIA, veterans of the Area 51 raid were venerated and esteemed amongst their fellow redditers.
by DidacticDolphin July 13, 2019
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On Friday, 20 September 2019 from 3:00-6:00 pm PST "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us". In the description of the Facebook event it was said "We will all meet at Area 51 Alien Center ,tourist attraction, and coordinate our entry. If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens." and 841k are going and 740k are interested. Ever since that Facebook group event was posted more and more about the "Area 51 Raid" has been posted on multiple platforms such as TikTok , Instagram, and Reddit. They have now mapped out the different waves and who will be sent in what order. All the information in the order, of which they'll run in to raid Area 51, is the Pre Wave Naruto runners, E-thots, and The Chads. Straight behind them is Furries, Cosplayers, Overconfident football players/ Athletes, and Freshman armed with Axe and Perfume. Lastly the ones that are in the back is Every Florida man, Kyles, Karens, Epic gamers, then Anti-Vax. The way they order it is so the most deadly runners will be in the back, they are their secret weapon for the Are 51 Raid.What they think is in Area 51 is Aliens, Nether Portal, Spaceships, Halo Warcraft carriers, Anime Cat Girls, Your incognito browser history, and lastly genetically mutated prototype soldiers. After they raid Area 51 successfully, They will all go to the Del Taco, which is close, with their new Alien friends. Don't forget , put down your bed of Area 51 so you can re-spawn.
*September 20th at Area 51 Raid*
Area 51 Guard: "Today's the raid do you think they'll actually do it?"

Officer: "No they won't"
*841k Naruto running towards Area 51*
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by ThotPatrol;) July 15, 2019
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When all the suicidal millennials and weebs raid Area 51 on September 20th of 2019 in order to free all the Aliens and crazy wack shit the government is hiding from our asses
Me: did the Area 51 raid work? Did we get in?

Time traveler: yeah, how do you think I go this time-traveling device?
by Dumbassmillennial69420 July 14, 2019
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A failure of both a meme and a raid as only 150 showed up, one was arrested for public urination near the gate and a woman was detained. The rest of the day, nothing special happened
The local county of Rachel was scared for 2.1 million people during the Area 51 Raid but were relieved with only 150 alien enthusiasts
by MasterCobra September 21, 2019
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A Facebook advertisement that over 400,000 people signed to see them aliens.
Kyle: What's happening in Nevada

Allen: Oh it's the Area 51 raid, they wanna see them aliens.
by Alien.sneke July 14, 2019
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What was alleged to be a massive violent raid resulting in thousands of casualties, turned out to be just a really dope festival with people dressed up in funny alien costumes. No one had the intentions of breaking into the facility, and only one person got arrested. Everyone was just having a jolly good ol' time with the spacey bois.
Everyone before september 20 2019: R.I.P to all the thousands that are gonna get massacred in the Area 51 raid

Me after september 20 2019: Um, it was just a whimsical alien-cosplaying party. Even the military guys were having a good time. Sure looked helluva fun.
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by UltimateDoge September 22, 2019
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